The mission

The aim of our hiking club is to take children from Nyanga and surrounding townships on a Sunday hike once every month, to experience the beauty of our Peninsula, and the camaraderie of being out in nature together.

Each hike takes place on the 2nd Sunday of every month, weather permitting.

Community leader Lulama organises the children to join & coordinates the transport. Our guides lead the hikes whilst ensuring proper hiking safety, etiquette & protocols are observed. Justin has been leading our hike and we would love to invite a few more avid hikers to join our team

Coordinator Dani, members of our team & volunteer hikers spread out throughout the group, helping to round up and support the kids and making sure everyone is hydrated while having a great time. Dani & 1 other hiker are assigned to sweep (remain last) – making sure no one is left behind. 

We have divided our young hikers into two groups: older children (14-18 years) and younger children (8-13 years). We have a core group of about 60 – 70 kids in each age group that are our regular members. We alternate between taking the younger kids on an easy hike and the older kids on a more challenging one.

Our team works together to get donations of water, fruit, sweet treats, sandwiches and juices to energise the kids along the way.

The vision

Ultimately we would like to build the club into a type of leadership academy where we take the kids on camps and help them build the skills needed to succeed in life. 

We are keen to involve our young nature lovers of Nyanga Hiking Club in educational outdoor activities such as beach clean ups and other conservation-related experiences. 

IT STARTS HERE! On these hikes where commitment, taking responsibility for ourselves and looking out for each other are all beautiful lessons that we’ve seen being learnt. Young leaders are already standing out and shining bright! 

Hikes to date

  • September 2020: Newlands Forest 
  • October 2020: Newlands Forest
  • November 2020: Kommetjie Beach walk to the shipwreck
  • December 2020: Vlakkenberg Peak, Constantiaberg
  • February 2021: Silvermine waterfall
  • March 2021: Table Mountain Dam from Constantia Nek
  • April 2021: Table Mountain contour path from Kloof Nek corner
  • Special Outing April: Kirstenbosch Gardens Biodiversity outdoor class
  • May 2021: Tranquility Cracks & Camps Bay swim
  • June 2021: Pipe Track & Camps Bay tidal pool swim
  • August 2021: Cecilia Waterfall
  • September 2021: Newlands Forest via Paradise Ruins
  • October 2021: Devil’s Peak
  • November 2021: Echo Valley & Kalk Bay swim
  • December 2021:Echo Valley & Kalk Bay swim
  • February 2022: Kommetjie beach – shipwreck walk & swim
  • March 2022: Steenberg Peak 
  • Special Outing April: Miller’s Point beach clean up, swim & braai
  • May 2022: Chapman’s Peak, East Fort & Hout Bay beach swim
  • June 2022: Klein Leeukoppie
  • July 2022: Newlands Forest
  • August 2022: Newlands Forest
  • Nov 2022: Trappieskop & Kalk bay swim
  • April 2023: Pipe track hike + Camps Bay tidal pool swim (young group)
  • April 2023: Pipe track hike + Camps Bay tidal pool swim (older group)
  • August 2022: Newlands Forest
  • May 2023: Kloof nek corner & Table Mtn contour
  • Nov 2023: Forest & river dip
  • December 2023: Miller’s Pnt Beach clean up, swim and picnic TBC

Upcoming hikes

Tranquility cracks via Kasteelspoort
The Pipe Track
Cecelia Waterfall
Newlands Forest
Devils Peak
Oceans View to Scarborough beach
Kalk Bay Hike
End of year hike TBC

Want to get involved?

Nyanga Hiking Club is Non-Profit Organisation based in the township of Nyanga, Cape Town – MALIBELINYE IS A REGISTERED NPO, NO. 251-575

Book a seat

Having safe, reliable transport is our number one focus to keep this club going.

A return trip including lunch and refreshments costs us R120 per child.

Please consider buying a trip or a monthly trip for a child to enjoy this experience.

Hire a bus

Hiring a bus to transport the kids safely is our biggest expense. 

Hiring a bus is R3500 for the morning. 

If you are able to donate R3500 for our club to hire a bus for our next adventure, you will be directly making a huge difference and we thank you from the bottom of all our hearts.